An old man wrapped in white

And the man came, dressed in white, (for purity?) A fixed smile, waving, touching cheeks of children and apologising for the sexual crimes of his fellow tribesmen.

He talks of morals, dignity and faith, or rather the decline of all of them and yet he cannot actively condemn and punish his celibate  priests for straying into sexual conduct with unwilling children.

Ah, the illogical logic of men.

Women’s bodies, once again the cause of all ills, symbols of all religious sins.

They have to be controlled, covered up, mutilated, punished and condemned. Subject to men’s authority and laws.

‘Condoms aggravate the problem’ the man in white says about condoms and HIV.

His logic is baffling.

Is he suggesting that in catholic societies there is less crime, less sexual crime, less violent abuse against women? Does he really believe that a catholic society offers greater safety to women and children?

And as for dignity how can he use that word and deny a person from dying with dignity?

Lets all pray he never suffers from any kind of motor immune disease.

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One Response to An old man wrapped in white

  1. Mike Booth says:

    I like this poem. An english woman journalist from the newspaper The Guardian wrote that the pope should be arrested and put in prison for being the leader of the biggest club in the world for child molestas. He is due to visit Spain soon!! The spanish people are not big church goers, and in the civil war they through lots of priests over bridges.

    Looking forward to meeting you.


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