Whipping and stoning women

Read today that Sakineh Ashitiani has been lashed 99 times for posting an unveiled photo of herself in the Times newspaper which isn’t even of her! (and of course the paper has apologised, which means nothing to Sakineh)

I would like to see photos of the men who whipped her, I would like to see them return home to their wives and children and tell them about their day.

My male friends say these people are monsters, but I think they are just men.

It is so easy to call men animals and monsters, I don’t believe they are, they just have too much power and the legal rights to get away with the horrors they commit every day against women and children. Where ever we look there is a war against women, yet it is not considered that, its abuse and violence. I call it war.

Mission Free Iran:


Sept 6, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

I’m not sure what is happening. Mission Free Iran (MFI) is reporting that Ms Ashtiani has already received the 99 lashes for UK Times photo miscaptioning. (Times apology)

I suppose since her lawyer and children have not been able to see her since before the 100 Cities Around the World Against Stoning Protest,for which she was punished with a mock execution, the 99 lashes may be the reason why.

I’ll post their two relevant press releases as is. (#2)

This press release regards a protest yesterday at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in DC, where outraged protesters left stones and pix of Ms Ashtiani

Why is there even an Iranian embassy in the US?

Activists then proceeded to the US Capitol and held a mock lashing.

(PR for Personal Rights via MFI)

GRAPHIC PHOTO of damage from 50 lashes

Reminds me to post the screenshots of the brutal lashing of a child in Iraq and beating/stomping gruesome death of 2 young Pakistani boys.

There is also a statement of condemnation of the US and UN re: their silence on the issue.

Sajjad’s letter to the UN: “Our mother is not a murder”


September 5, 2010


It is a pure outrage that the Islamic Republic has again administered 99 lashes to Sakineh Ashtiani’s broken and abused body.

It is an outrage that we do not tolerate in silence.

To protest against this torture of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, activists in Washington DC immediately went to the offices of the Islamic Republic and left her pictures and a pile of stones in front of the door, (referencing her stoning sentence), in condemnation of the reprehensible actions of the illegitimate regime of the Islamic Republic.

We then staged a mock lashing by a tree in front of the US Capitol to protest against this latest round of lashings, and to demonstrate what is happening to Sakineh while the United States stays silent on human rights issues in Iran.

We condemn the United States and the United Nations for their reprehensible silence on human rights issues in Iran. The United States should join Brazil, France, Italy, the UK, and all other governments around the world who have broken their silence on the torture, stoning, lashing, and execution that goes on daily in the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic of Stoning, Lashing and Execution should have no place at the UN General Assembly meeting at the end of September in New York City. The Islamic Republic is not the legitimate government of people in Iran. The Islamic Republic is the murderer and torturer of people in Iran.


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One Response to Whipping and stoning women

  1. sahaq says:

    Manhood wisdom measured by cruelty, weakness, vanity and bloodthirsty blindness?

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